We provide auger boring, tunneling and directional drilling for the majority of the cities, towns and reservations in the state of Arizona as well as throughout the Southwestern U.S. We provide services to various construction companies including Department of Transportation, municipal water & sewer services, Indian communities, general contractors, developers, government agencies, as well as privately owned companies & private homeowners in Arizona. Our business is built on honesty, integrity, loyalty and perseverance. We look forward to assisting you with your next project and fulfilling all of your boring & tunneling needs.

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We specialize in state of the art auger boring methods. Our machines are capable of boring from 8″ thru 90″ steel casing.


Our crews are capable of tunneling from 36″ thru 144″ diameter tunnels. We jack RCP, Hobas pipe & Steel casing. Our confined space & safety programs meet all OSHA requirements. We have multiple pipe jacking units used for various operations.


We have used many methods successfully in completing hard rock drilling. We have completed hard rock projects up to 78″ diameter steel casing.



Directional drilling has become a highly used method of pipeline construction. During the directional drilling operation, our crew first drills a pilot along with a predetermined path. The pilot hole is then enlarged in single or multiple steps to accommodate the pullback of the carrier pipe into the enlarged hole. We are presently operating rigs capable of completing installations up to 24” in diameter.

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